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Data Management

Combase offers end-to-end data management for projects that are data intensive and require quick, secure set-up and activation.

Combase data management systems can acquire data from a variety of sources including:

  • File Uploads
  • Data feeds (e.g. from sensors in the fields)
  • Data sources (periodic fetching of data from publishing sites)
  • Data Crawls (traversing web sites to capture data)

Data processors and pipelines can be added to transform data automatically and push it out to consumers in a controlled and secure way.

Cloud Advisory

Cloud Advisory

Combase are veterans of cloud. Our first fully on-line application was built before the cloud became a thing. We were into cloud before it was cool.

We loaded that up onto AWS in 2008 and have never looked back. We acknowledge that migrating to the cloud is a complex and daunting task and have been offering our services to help set up secure, automated cloud accounts in Azure and AWS.

We provide advice on:

  • How to migrate services to the cloud
  • How to secure your cloud services
  • How to get the best value for money out of the cloud
  • Which cloud providers are best suited to your needs
Data Processing

Data processing

Sometimes data processing is hard. Sometimes for particular jobs you need to use tools, languages or concepts that are beyond the understanding of your team.
We can help you with that.

Combase is in the process of building a formidable group of data professionals, covering fields from hydrological modelling to actuarial science.

The Combase data team has skills in text handling, natural language processing, geospatial processing and analysis, artificial intelligence and machine learning, Internet of Things, cluster computing, MapReduce and Apache Spark. We are a team that relishes a challenge.

Cloud Training

Cloud Training

Combase offers classroom-based training for users, managers and executives.
Our list of courses is expanding all the time. Listed below are the courses we
are currently running. Use the accordion to discover more detail.

This course is designed to improve awareness of the cloud and to prepare people to start using resources based in the cloud. It gives a short tour of cloud features without going into too much technical detail. It is aimed at people who may perform minor administrative tasks, or to those who manage people who perform such tasks.

  • Introduction to the cloud (an overview of cloud services)
  • Just enough networking
  • Launching and health checking virtual machines
  • Understanding storage
  • User management
  • Things to be careful of

This is a course designed for people who are going to be accountable for how cloud resources are used. It emphasizes the security and administration side and explains in detail where the responsibilities of cloud providers end and the managers responsibility takes over.

  • Overview of the cloud
  • The essentials of cloud security
  • How to stay in control of a cloud account 
  • The essentials of cloud security
  • Monitoring activity on the cloud
  • How to size your cloud requirements
  • How to automate cloud resources

This course is focused on the strategic opportunities and risks associated with cloud adoption. It is for executives who are either interested or are being pushed into adopting a cloud strategy.

  • How to choose between cloud providers
  • Risks of maintaining a cloud presence (The implications of the shared security model)
  • Trends and opportunities in the cloud
Data Training

Data Training

Combase provides data training to people of all levels. Our experts deliver training modules that are bespoke and designed to optimise your knowledge. Below is a summary of our data training modules, use the accordian to discover the detail.

Getting your head into big data means learning to see things differently This is a course aimed at helping people to understand the paradigm shift of Big Data. Big data does not just mean data processing on a very large scale. It is a change in the way data are handled from ingest to analysis.

  • Introduction to big data concepts
  • Data lakes and data swamps how to build one and avoid the other
  • Data governance in a big data world

The leaders need to set the course. The solutions are out there but only the managers really understand the problems.
This course aims to help managers to connect familiar problems with emerging solutions

  • The role of data schemas in the big data world
  • Distributed file systems as data stores
  • How MapReduce operates on raw data
  • How the cloud powers data processing

Need something more specific? No worries.

The Combase team offer fully customised solutions, we just need
your help to map out some of the details.