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A data governance platform
designed for the cloud.

Datalign is an easy to use, cloud-based serverless data governance system. We know that the cloud is great but setting it up can be very difficult, and scary too. How do you know that your new custom-built widget is not creating a security hole in your enterprise data repository?

Datalign’s unique deployment system automatically enforces corporate security policies

Datalign is component based and modular because not every data governance problem is the same. You can create your own modules, or you can get us to build them for you. Whether your data arrives in the form of files that contributors load into the system or through IOT sensors the Datalign framework has modules to handle them.

Datalign provides an event system with notifications. This means when something happens you can be alerted. For example, if you are responsible for emission levels staying below a certain threshold you can set-up warnings


Sometimes you don’t want to think about data, you just want to see the insights that those data can produce.

Percipium is a fully curated modular analytics dashboard that allows you to see what you want to see and to know what you need to know.

When you sign onto the Percipium service you can access the expertise of the Combase team, design your team dashboard and clearly reveal the key insights coming from your data. In addition to trend graphs, charts, scatterplots and more. Percipium provides the comfort and security of knowing that your cloud resources are secure, that your cloud budget is under control and that people are engaging with your online offerings. And if things go wrong – Percipium will let you know.

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MeazureApp is the Combase survey system.

Your survey will be securely delivered to all participants and their responses will be managed and collated to meet your requirements.

The results can be sent out as graphs, charts, trends or customised according to your specifications. MeazureApp is built with clinical grade, privacy safeguards to ensure that user identities are kept separately from results.

Need something a little different? That’s great!

We offer fully customised solutions too. Our friendly team are ready
to collaborate and transform your ideas into reality.