About Us.

We are Combase

Combase is an Australian tech company dedicated to making technology accessible to ordinary people, and to solving cloud and data problems in a friendly, reliable way.

Combase was formed in 1997. Since its inception, it has always worked in online web-based systems. One of its first customers was Fuji-Xerox Australia. At a time when web systems were just beginning to show their potential, Combase created Fuji-Xerox’s very first e-commerce site. Since then, Combase has concentrated on cloud-based data systems.

We have played a pivotal role in multiple, nation-wide research initiatives and provided expert assistance to scientists, academics, government departments and commercial companies.

We have designed our culture around being helpful and friendly, while engaging with complex and arcane problems. We count big government departments, such as The Department of Defence, amongst our customers to boutique private companies like Lantern Psychology.

Case Studies

We have compiled a small selection of case studies to display some of our recent work and provide you with some inspiration.

Our Clients

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Meet the Team

We are a friendly group of data specialists who embrace a culture of honesty, dependability and share a commitment to delivering results-focused solutions, that are tailored to you.

Say hello.

Trevor Christie-Taylor - Cloud & Data specialist


Trevor developed his first database system in the 1980s and has spent his career working in and around large scale data systems. He has led the technical development of projects around the world worth up to $100M.

His particular delight is to make powerful complicated tools available to ordinary users, and to make complex arcane terminology understandable and accessible to everyone.
Derek Chen - Cloud & Data specialist


Derek leads the data systems team. He is a veteran full stack cloud developer and a formidable problem solver. He holds a masters-degree in computing and backs that up with over ten years-experience in advanced cloud computing.

Derek’s team looks after the Datalign, Percipium and MeasureApp products.


Doug manages operations in North America. He has been designing data warehouses and data management systems since the 1990s, particularly in the government and gaming sectors. This work has included the areas of law enforcement, vital records, medical marijuana registry, gaming guest tracking and kiosks, corporate governance and compliance. Prior to ComBase, he was Director of IT at two hotel casinos, each with over $150M USD in annual revenue.
Luan Nguyen - Cloud & Data specialist


Luan is the self-effacing guru of systems design. He has a long background in Artificial Intelligence and machine learning.

While he can do anything, he has been focusing his energy on designing and building high-performance distributed reactive systems.
Kellie Stuart - Cloud & Data specialist


Kellie is the tireless advocate of the user. She makes sure that Combase systems meet the expected criteria. That they are well engineered but friendly. That they are accessible to people with disabilities. That they do what we have claimed that they will do.

Kellie will focus on your problem and ensure that it gets solved. Kellie leads the quality assurance team, making sure that quality starts with the first engagement.


Andrew is a senior data scientist with specific skills in stochastic modelling and geospatial systems. Jess backs up his data science knowledge with all-round abilities in databases, data warehouses, python scripting, system integration, documentation and interface design.
Thomas Grantley Davies - Cloud & Data specialist


Tom focusses on the user experience. He loves to build screens that feel good. His personal mission is to make complex systems easy to use and pleasing to look at.

Tom thrives in a world where knowledge and ideas are being shared, and a team is focused on achieving a result.


Gus is a senior data engineer. He has worked with a number of government and private sector organisations building data pipelines and services, automating data feeds, building complex ETL scripts. Gus spent two years working with CSIRO on the Atlas of Living Australia and has broad experience of geospatial systems, the implementation of high-performance web services, and the presentation of scientific data queries over web services.
Alison Christie - Cloud & Data specialist


Alison is a Clinical Psychologist with a background in e-learning, media and web technology.

She is the resident expert in the development of Measure-App our survey tool, providing professional insight into psychometrics, psychological assessments and the configuration and use of survey tools to monitor and assess individuals.
Ciaran Moran - Cloud & Data specialist


Ciaran is our cloud engineer in charge of research and development. Ciaran’s team develops serverless processes and data pipelines that draw data from remote servers and push them into Combase data systems for processing.

Ciaran’s team also builds web crawlers and text processors to train and test AI based learning systems.
Tem Bannister - Cloud & Data specialist


Tem is a quality assurance analyst working on the full suite of our systems. She is careful, and thorough and quick to pick up the most arcane client requirements.
Lakshmi Devanathan - Cloud & Data specialist


Lakshmi is in charge of project management. She has experience implementing some of the most difficult projects taken on by the federal government, including whole of government projects and inter agency scientific projects.

She prides herself in being able to stay across the detail and bring others along for the ride. Lakshmi is the personification of safe hands.
Liang Ren - Cloud & Data specialist


Liang is an accomplished front-end developer, proficient in numerous programming languages and frameworks. He is enthusiastic and determined and he loves a challenge.

Let’s talk (layman’s) tech.

Yes we are tech experts, but we are also patient and very experienced at working with those who may not be tech savvy. Our team are ready to help find a powerful solution that is tailored to your needs.