Combase cloud and data solutions READ MORE Taking control of your data, means that you can see further and
more clearly. You may not be able to predict everything, but
access to the right data empowers safer and smarter decisions.
Data Insights at your fingertips.
Combase Cloud asset monitoring READ MORE Percipium™ will tell you when you are
vulnerable, when you are spending too
much money, who is changing things on
your system and how you can improve.
Cloud asset monitoring.
Combase - collecting data for governance READ MORE Datalign™ is an easy to use cloud-based serverless
data governance system. Whether your data arrive
in the form of files that contributors load into the
system or through IOT sensors the Datalign™
framework has modules to handle them.
A new standard
in data governance.
Viewing Cloud data in collaboration READ MORE Measure-App is the Combase survey system. Your
survey will be safely delivered to all of the participants
and their responses will be managed and collated as
necessary. The results can be sent out as graphs, charts,
trends or customized according to your specification.
Safeguarded Collaboration.
READ MORE Combase has been around for over
20 years. We have built our reputation on
our customer focus and expertise
We are here to help

Welcome to Combase

We empower decision makers by helping them take control of their data. From data governance platforms to curated, real-time Big Data insights, the Combase team will help ensure your decisions are guided and backed by real knowledge.

By curating the data and customising your data governance experience, we provide clarity and allow you to focus on what is relevant. This enables decision makers to respond rapidly, accurately and consistently to real-time critical insights. At Combase, we exist to enable informed, defensible decisions which help to shape the future.

Our Clients

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Cloud Training

Cloud Training

Combase offers classroom-based training for users, managers and executives. Our list of courses is expanding all the time.

Data Processing

Data Processing

Sometimes data processing is hard. Sometimes for particular jobs you need to use tools, languages or concepts that are beyond the understanding of your team. We can help you with that.

Cloud Advisory

Cloud Advisory

Combase are veterans of cloud. Our first fully on-line application was built before the cloud became a thing. We were into cloud before it was cool.

Data Management icon

Data Management

Combase offers end-to-end data management for projects that are data intensive and require data management systems to be put in place quickly and securely.

Data Training

Data Training

Combase offer a range of training options big data to empower everyone, from beginners to managers.

Meet The Team

Although we are often referred to as ‘the cloud people’, you’ll find that we are a down-to-earth and friendly bunch, committed to helping you harness the power of data, using the flexibility of the cloud. We are your team.

Let’s make big data work for you.

Our team can help find a powerful solution that is tailored to your needs.
We’ll take care of the detail, so you can focus on the big picture.