Walk into any large IT department and try to see past the sneaker wearing T-shirt clad youngsters with superhero figures around their workstations and you are likely to see a group of people with view
Many public service agencies have attempted to develop enterprise architecture practices and failed due to misunderstanding of the purpose. You will often find that the head of an architecture view
In trying to focus on the outcome the management process actually narrows the possibilities for a solution. Often they will hire a professional such as a solution architect but then they will proceed view
Creativity is one of the well-springs of happiness. Don’t confuse creative with artistic. Advertising companies refer to “creatives” and surround them with a special mystique but in doing so they are view
Critics can kill a design process. A number of excellent ideas may never come to the fore if people are afraid of the critics in the group. As the designer you need to be aware of this. Make sure view

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The talkers and the doers

Have you ever met someone who treats a problem as if it is not a problem? You explain it the best way you can and they put on that “These things happen,” pacifying, “You wouldn’t worry if you knew the big picture” look, thereby subtly elevating themselves in the hierarchy, placing themselves amongst the knowers and leaving you … somewhere else. These are the talkers. Their career success is based on their being easy going and relatively articulate. People tend to like them so they accept what they say.

Who owns the process?

Creativity is one of the greatest gifts of humanity. We are born with it and for a short time at school we are encouraged to use it. But the workplace discourages it. In the workplace creativity is feared, because it is believed that when workers think creatively they don’t follow the process and when people don’t follow the process, imperfections creep in and accidents can happen. This is undeniably true and one should acknowledge that the formal process has its place.