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People visit websites with a purpose in mind. A good informational website lets people quickly discover the information they need by providing a comprehensive search system, and effective way of matching users with resources. A good transactional web site guides users through its processes in the most intuitive possible way, limiting confusing feedback and clearly indicating what has been completed and what still needs to be done. 

We at Combase have a long history of developing web applications, a number of which form the central transactional system for thousands of users every day. We pride ourselves in our ability to focus on the users and allowing them to get to what they need with a minimum of fuss. 

Not all users have similar abilities and a similar understanding of text based instruction. Our experience in the health-care industry helped us to appreciate that users come from a range of backgrounds and abilities and the constructors of a website can help, whether it be in ensuring sites that are accessible to those who struggle with mental or physical issues, or in including soft search functions that are resilient to grammatical, spelling and other language issues, or in including visual cues for those who struggle with language. 

Our cloud-only approach and our big-data background means that our web-sites are set to seamlessly scale-out as far as they need to, so that they don’t break the bank during the quiet times but heavy usage periods such as during conferences, or after sudden unexpected events don’t cause outages.