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August 24, 2019


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Data is exploding. We have more data now than we ever had and we can expect much more. The Internet of Things means that thousands of connected devices will be spewing forth petabytes of data. With advances in drone technology we can expect the data to take the form of photographs as well as time series measures. The problem is that we have spent the last 40 years building skills in databases. If you are looking for a database person you will probably find one. But what if your data is too big for a database?

Combase entered the Big Data world in 2014 and with customers as data centric as the Bureau of Meteorology and the Department of Environment we have found ourselves at the crest of the Big Data wave. We have built expertise in all of the keystone technologies and we are therefore able to offer to do it for you or to teach you how. Whether you are interested in Spark, Hadoop, Mesos, Scala, Akka, Cassandra or MongoDB give us a call. We have developed many scrapes and bruises in our Big Data Journey, we would hate them to go to waste.

In building our site we needed a partner that was prepared to enter our world. Our data is big and complicated and it takes time to understand and to learn. We chose Combase because of their technical expertise but also because of their data science and geospatial credentials but all of this may not have amounted to much were it not for their ability to listen and to learn.

Jessica Max, CEO