Using Leverage, Building Resilience, Making Choices




August 24, 2019


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Ask yourself this. Does every person in your organisation understand how the effort he or she puts in every day supports the corporate strategy? No? It is not surprising. A recent high level government report in the UK summarised the situation as “nobody does strategy in the UK.” 

Too often strategy is confused with long-term planning. Indeed most people with  "strategic” in their title would not be able to clearly articulate the difference between strategy and planning. The result is a lot of glossy publications, mouse mats or posters in the common areas, while the workforce continues to do what they always did.

Beginning from our roots in Enterprise Architecture and providing advice on Technology Strategy.  Combase has developed a framework for formulating strategy that is coherent robust and easy to learn. This is a program designed for  decision makers focussed on how to generate strategy in an uncertain and rapidly changing world. We teach the fundamentals of strategy including the focus on capability the use of leverage, the development of resilience and the establishment of purpose.

We do not aim to build your strategy for you. We acknowledge that you are the experts in your own world. But we can show you how to build something that your people can get behind. We draw on our experience with complex systems to instruct decision makers on the practicality and importance of modelling, and on the essential art of capability analysis and the construction of a possibility path.

The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do.

Michael Porter